Message from the Chairman



I founded the BCVA with a simple mission in mind. Not to create another military charity focused primarily on fundraising, but to build an organisation focused on identifying and helping every veteran in Britain and across the Commonwealth.

I never want the BACVA to be another burden on hard-pressed public while accumulating huge cash reserves of our own. Instead, I want us to fundraise just enough to keep the lights on and to run our campaigns. The rest, I want us to get from working with other charities, Government, councils and with businesses.
We will always share credit with our partners and intend to make a real differency in getting results for veterans.

As a veteran myself, I know the challenges which many veterans and their families face and I want us to be there to help. This stsrts by assembling a complete database of all living veterans and everyone who has served since the end of the Second World War. 
This may seem like a huge undertaking but it is absolutely necessary if we are going to leave noone behind.

The ultimate aim is to make ourselves unnecssary and to solve the many challenges faced by veterans. It may take years but we will get there.

Please be in touch if you are a veteran or if you would like to help.

- Andrew Kemp

BACVA Chairman and Founder