Our Manifesto is currently being re written.  It is intended that we will publish it again in October 2019, after it is approved at a meeting with the National Executive and the Senior management.


The manifesto will continue to deliver on our core values and beliefs, and our commitment to be of service to our country and the wider world as ambassadors for truth, loyalty and service to others. 

We are a party who will champion key areas to deliver a better Britain that represents the wishes of the Country.



          Fair and reasoned tax system

      *      A truly democratic representation in our government at all levels

      *      State-owned housing and power

      *      Welfare reform

      *      An efficient and caring NHS that is outside the control of politicians

      *      Higher standards of Education through improved standards of teaching and fair access to all

      *      Investment in the armed forces to generate skills for the next generation

      *      Investment in the armed forces for the defence of the realm

      *      Prison and legal reform

      *      Support for the police, fire and ambulance services, to enable them to do their jobs safely and effectively

      *      A new approach to foreign aid that will utilise products and talent from UK industries and the armed forces

      *      A Fair and manageable system of immigration that meets the needs of the country, but that does not discriminate against who wish to come here to work and live here

      *      A society that cares for the weakest and poorest